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Firstly I would like to thank my good friend Tony for allowing me to post a page on his website.
Timothy Diamond is the pseudonym for my real name.
I grew up in the provincial town of Rockhampton in Central Queensland, and the exploits of my hero, Tom Davis, are loosely based on actual events in my own life.
My story is original and exciting; it contains elements of young love, teenage rebellion, family conflict, corruption, war time experiences, and espionage, a book that could rival the works of, Clive Cussler and Ken Follett. The Catalyst trilogy is my first full length work of fiction. However, between 1988 and 1994 I wrote multiple articles and reports on recreational diving that were published in Scuba Diver Magazine and the Gold Coast Bulletin. I also wrote the feature article ‘The Round Trip’ for Yachting Australia magazine in 2009.

The first book in the Catalyst trilogy, Playing with Fire was written and completed in 2014, and has now been published and selling well. After having a break I started writing the second book of the trilogy Divine Retribution in early 2015, and I completed it in May, and it is now going through the editing process, and after that will go to my publishers for printing.

I have started work on writing the final book of the trilogy, with the provisional title of Last Man Standing, and I hope to have it off to the editors before Christmas.