The following are some of the endorsements that I have received from people that have read Book one, and in a couple of cases some have already read the before edited version of Book two.
However I invite those of you that have read the saga so far, to feel free to use my contact page of this website to leave your own comments and endorsements of the Trilogy.

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The narrative of this novel is rich in colour and action. The life of young hero Tom Davis moves swiftly through the pages, with the Author’s unique style of writing, and presentation. It gives the reader food for thought between war and peacetime activities. The book is suitable for both genders, and especially Ex-Military personnel will enjoy this novel.
F.E.Louttit – BBAdmin – CWRRSM Chief WRAN Radio Supervisor Retired.

The Author’s style is unique in the way the story flows with humour and action, yet still moves at a good pace. Books one and two were great, and I am looking forward to reviewing number three. J.L.Galloway – Correspondent, US Military Affairs Consultant, Co-author We Were Soldiers.

A fine read, I like your style.
C.E.Moore – Director US Military Archives Washington DC.

“An easy to follow read with great descriptions & transitions, with amazing character development that pulls the reader’s emotions in, gives a good mental image of events in description, and keeps you wanting to turn the page to see what happens.”
Tim Cook – Military Historian.