During the time of building Ralf and I did quite a few things that weren’t related to the building of the boat, and one of these was: developing a new television show that was to be seen in country areas, we went ahead with filming a pilot in Mt Isa using Denise Drysdale as the initial host and her co-host was Phil Norris a local radio announcer. Other guests included Phil Emmanuel and Dail Platz’s “Highwaymen Tribute Show”. 

On the day Filming was to start, we found out our camera and sound tech had taken another contract, so we then had to find this sort of equipment in Mt Isa not easy anyway despite other setbacks and obstacles we got it done in the timeframe that we allowed. 

Anyway whilst all this is taking place we found out that the TV network that was going to pick up the show had had its funding cut and therefore would not be going ahead with the show, so we still went ahead with it all at our own expense, and so this project is sitting on the back burner, with the pilot made and editing done just waiting for the right opportunity to come along.

However we did manage to come up with a new entertainment idea that is taking some time to evolve but some of the results come about on the What’s On website.

After getting back from Mt Isa we had a much needed break and tried to rebuild finances to carry on with our building, we are now at the stage where the boat could go into the water after a sandblast and paint if push came to shove.

The propeller shaft has been made and is ready to go in, virtually all the exterior is done except for the windows that can’t go in until the blasting is done. Which was kind of good due to the fact that the complex where we were building the boat was sold to a developer and everybody had to vacate, handy huh?

Anyway another yard was found and cranes and a low loader organized and up the road we went. The photos were taken after the move before we replaced the ‘a’ frames and tarps ready to continue building again, after the as it seems unnecessary expense of moving because as to now nothing has been done to our previous site except letting the grass grow. If that seems annoying – you better believe it!

Now we’ve decided to do away with the diesel motor and go electric seeing the technology is now getting better and better, so the diesel has come out and is up for sale, please feel free to make an offer. Doing this has quite a few advantages: not needing to have a fuel tank, less weight, more direct response from an electric motor to name a few.

We then got distracted with another project, Leanne had decided to buy into the Ship Happens company by buying a boat from down south over the internet which was named the Eagle Star, so we made plans to collect, outfit, and refurbish it. Eventually Ralf, Leanne, and myself decided to dissolve the company, so I ended up with Ship Happens, which I later sold. While Ralf and Leanne had the Eagle Star.

The Eagle Star story follows on the next page, I hope you enjoy it.