The Catalyst Trilogy

‘Catalyst’ is a three volume, epic fictional story of Tom Davis’s extraordinary life that spans time, historical events, and multiple continents.

From initially meeting, his first love in a quiet country town in the sixties, to quitting his adventurous life at the turn of the new Millennium.

The story is original and exciting; it contains elements of young love, teenage rebellion, family conflict, corruption, war time experiences, and espionage.

Book One: (Playing with Fire).

Introduces Tom, our main character as he tells us of his life, starting with a love affair during his early teenage years, and culminating with the end of his first tour of duty in Vietnam.


Book Two: (Divine Retribution).

Follows Tom’s adventures into action again, with two more tours of Vietnam, followed by cataclysmic action in secret war zones. After the horrendous killing of the love of his life in Israel, Tom exacts revenge the best way he knows how.

The thrilling conclusion to Book Two: Will Tom make the choice to stay in the Army’s Special Forces, or move on to fresher adventures within the government spy agencies?

Book Three: (Last Man Standing).

Takes us into the world we rarely get to hear about, except as occasional heavily censored media stories. The pressures of undercover work while trying to maintain the cover, without being discovered.

How gun and drug runners are found, and caught! What really happens behind the headlines we see, or hear!

After thirty years of ‘playing the game’, maybe it’s time for Tom to give it away, or is it?